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Apple iPhone OS 3.0 to Include MMS. Webpage Incorrect URL
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I just tried it: and it worked.

In a preview of the new iPhone OS 3.0 today, Apple showed off some of the features we can expect in the new software, which will be available in June.

The best new feature, in my humble opinion, is the MMS support. The days of going to and typing in a user name and password simply to view a pic your friend sent you will finally be over. Also you won't have to come up with excuses as to why the iPhone doesn't support MMS while every other piece of crap phone on the market does. Now you can both send and receive MMS messages. Unfortunately for those with the first generation model, MMS support will only be available for the iPhone 3G due to hardware limitations. 3.0 also brings cut, copy and paste capability to the iPhone. You will now be able to highlight blocks of text, copy and paste them in any application on the iPhone. This feature will also work with pictures, and apparently you will be able to deselect by shaking the phone. The landscape keyboard which previously only worked with Safari will now work with Mail, Notes and SMS. 3G users will enjoy a Bluetooth upgrade that will enable A2DP stereo Bluetooth, but this won't work on the first generation iPhone, again, due to hardware limitations. Apple's Spotlight search feature has also been included in OS 3.0. Spotlight allows you to perform device-wide searches through email, notes, calendars, etc. OS 3.0 will also support tethered modem Internet access.

Incorrect URL
Please check the URL and try again. You probably should be using www. or